November 30, 1999 in ATDC News

Entrepreneurship Is Not An Individual Sport

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There was a standing room only crowd today at the TAG-ATDC Entrepreneurs Society
meeting.  ATDC General Manager Tony Antoniades used an innovative format to present best practices on why to entrepreneurs need advisors, how to recruit them and how to use them.
Antoniades advised against recruiting celebrities to your board, recalling an ATDC company who during the bubble had Jimmy Buffet on their advisory council.  When seeking to recruit a prospective advisor, Antoniades said, “don’t pop the
question on the first date. In most cases, it makes sense to first develop a
rapport with a prospective advisor first while still demonstrating your serious
interest in pursuing them as a prospective advisor.” 

It is critical to sell advisors on your business. If you can’t, you have a very uphill battle in developing a successful
growth venture.  Good advisors can provide invaluable assistance and offer
knowledge and experience critical to growing a successful business.

The presentation
is here
and for more tips, including a fairly detailed ATDC best practice paper
on how to Recruit and Manage Advisors, visit the Entrepreneurs Resource Center.

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