November 30, 1999 in News from Our Companies

Simatra Modeling Joins ATDC

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ATDC is excited to welcome the math wizards from Simatra Modeling Technologies as our newest member company.

Michael Sorensen, CEO, describes his company in these three sentences:

  • We solve math fast.
  • We make it easy.
  • We make it cheap.

Complex numerical simulations are a critical component in multiple industries, including finance, drug discovery, oil exploration, and aerospace.  Current simulations are underpowered, difficult to use, and expensive.  Mathematicians using these solutions often have to wait hours or even days to obtain results. 

Simatra is developing the next-generation platform for numerical simulations.  The platform consists of three components: a high-level, math-based
language, a "smart" compiler, and a powerful hardware.  The Simatra team is excited to bring low cost, high-performance, and user-friendly simulations to the market.

The company is well on its way with a NIH Phase II SBIR grant of $1.5 million for the application of computational biology.  They moved into their offices at ATDC in September.     


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