November 30, 1999 in ATDC News

Serial Success

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A true entrepreneur can’t stop.  Entrepreneurship is an addiction.  Successful entrepreneurs could probably retire early and enjoy life and their family.  But they can’t.  They get antsy and bored.  They must create something.  Serial entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs that have started multiple companies) are more likely to succeed than first timers.  Why?

  • They have a higher propensity for risk, innovation, and achievement
  • They are less scared of failure
  • They are able to recover if they fail
  • They are able to recruit the top talent from their previous startup
  • They are able to attract investors from their previous startup (especially if the investor made money on the deal)
  • They already have connections in place
  • Probably have some seed funding in their checking account to help them get started

Investors love to invest in successful serial entrepreneurs.  It is a no-brainer.  But even unsuccessful serial entrepreneurs can be respected if they were ethical and graceful in their failure.

The next best thing to being a serial entrepreneur is sitting next to one.  So if you are a first-timer, find a serial entrepreneur that can serve as a mentor to you or an advisor to your company.

For more on serial entrepreneurs, read this article by the WSJ.

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