November 30, 1999 in SBIR/STTR News

SBIR Reauthorization and You

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an update on the reauthorization of the SBIR program.  As you may recall Congress extended the SBIR
program through March 20, 2009 when they could not agree on proposed changes in
the reauthorization that needed to pass by September 30, 2008.  So what has happen since then?  Best as we can tell, nothing.

Small Business Technology Council which is following the issue believes that with other important issues facing Congress
and the new Administration trying to get their feet on the ground, there will
likely be another extension of the SBIR program.  This could be for another three months or even
six months.  There is no talk of the
program ending, only how it might change.

postings on this blog (see postings in May and June, 2008) have outlined some of the
significant changes that organizations that are well represented by lobbyist
have pushed.  My observation over the
years is that scientists and engineers are often reluctant to get involved in
politics.  Perhaps they don’t think that
they can make a difference or that it is just something they would rather leave
to others.  But in cases such as SBIR,
our elected representatives do pay attention to what the people who elected
them say.  If you think the SBIR program
should be reauthorized or if it should or should not be changed, you should be
making your voice known.

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