November 30, 1999 in ATDC News

Varsity VCs

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If you would like to get the latest on what’s happening with angel and venture capital term sheets you need to head on over to Troutman Sanders on Tuesday at 11:45.

The event will feature an informative panel including Sig Mosley, Atlanta’s superangel who drives a lot of the angel and venture activity in Georgia, Alan Taetle, Partner with Noro-Moseley Partners who is putting newly raised money to work, and Mike Siavage of Siavage Law Group.

The event is being catered by The Varsity.  Come out and enjoy a Varsity lunch while meeting investors and learning about the terms they are dishing out.  Below are the details.

Location:  Troutman Sanders
600 Peachtree Street, Suite 5200
Atlanta 30308

Time:  11:45 – 1:15

Cost: $25

Register here.

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