November 30, 1999 in News from Our Companies

Dare to Qualtre

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Qualtre has entered ATDC.

Qualtre was founded in 1995 2005 and is commercializing MEMS technology largely developed at Georgia Tech’s Integrated MEMS Lab, regarded as one of the world’s leading MEMS centers.  The company is licensing eight inventions, covering design, processing, and packaging.  One invention, the tuning fork gyro, has already been patented. Founders Farrokh Ayazi, Ph.D and Mehran Mehregany, Ph.D. are well-known experts in the MEMS field and have previously collaborated.  Former venture capitalist Mike Slawson was introduced to the company by VentureLab and recently joined the team as CEO.

Qualtre fills a large market gap, initially for military customers but ultimately for consumer markets, by enabling high performance, robust, highly integrated, and cost effective inertial (motion) sensing solutions based on a revolutionary micro-machined (MEMS) technology platform.

Qualtre, will have its coming out party  at ION on Wednesday.

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