November 30, 1999 in News from Our Companies

Purewire Added to the ATDC Roster

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ATDC’s newest member company, Purewire, is tackling enterprises’ most pressing security problem today: web security.  The rapid growth of web-based applications, along with the rise of user-generated content and social media, has led to new threats that old security solutions are ill-equipped to address.  The team of visionaries and leaders at Purewire recognized this threat and put their experience and talent to work.  The result: a SaaS enterprise web security solution that takes a holistic approach to secure corporate networks and users from malicious people, places, and things on the Web. 

Purewire is on to big things.  The company recently closed a second friends and family round led by Sig Mosley and ATDC’s Seed Capital Fund and is presenting at this week’s Venture Atlanta event.  They are well positioned to become a leader in the $1 billion web security space.  And it’s no surprise that the company is doing so well. The management team has great experience behind them.  They were all executives and original management of Cyphertrust, a messaging security service, that was sold to Securecomputing (now McAfee) in 2006 for $273 million. 

ATDC is very excited to have Purewire join the team.  You will definitely be hearing more about how Purewire is securing business and social interactions on the Web. 

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