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New Library Documents Posted

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We have added a few more documents to the PeachSeedz Library, our repository for documents and resources that help startups.

Powerpoint Communicating With Investors
executive summary will help get you a meeting with a potential
investor. You then need to give a compelling presentation that
communicates the most salient points of your business. Learn how to
construct an investor presentation that sells your business and
generates interest.

Word Best Practices: Question and Answer
entrepreneurs are great at presenting and terrible at Q&A.  Some
are the opposite.  It is important to shine during both portions of a
pitch. A quality Q&A session shows how you
process and respond to challenges and gives a glimpse of your

WordSample Executive Summary
executive summary is a one page summary of your business. It is
intended to give investors a quick overview of your business and help
them decide if they want more information. Check out our sample summary to get an idea of what yours should look like.

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