November 30, 1999 in News from Our Companies

Innovolt Exposes Dirty Little Secret

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Were you aware that today’s electronic protection devices "miss" over 90% of the disturbances seen on the utility power grid?  Currently your valuable electronics have no protection from these disturbances and are ultimately failing prematurely.  Innovolt will not only expose this dirty little secret but also design, manufacture, and deliver solutions that provide complete protection against all power grid disturbances.

Innovolt is a graduate of Georgia Tech’s VentureLab program and latest addition to the ATDC community.  The Company was founded by Deepak Divan, a professor at Georgia Tech, and is led by Suresh Sharma, an accomplished business executive, formerly with GE.  Deepak and Suresh have already assembled a strong management team and the company is well-positioned to commercially launch its products.

We welcome the Innovolt team to the ATDC community.

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