November 30, 1999 in News from Our Companies


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ATDC is excited to welcome a new member company that is transforming cardiovascular intervention!

We all hope we’ll never need a coronary stent.  However, if we (or a loved one) do, let’s hope it’s after ICON’s Nuloy stent system has completed the FDA approval process. Nuloy is a breakthrough alloy for dramatically superior coronary stent performance.  The stents made from Nuloy are extremely flexible and can be formed with a wall thickness of approximately half of conventional products.  The system makes it easier to deliver stents to tight and tortuous blockages.

All this should add up to improved clinical performance and provide substantial benefit to patients with coronary and peripheral vascular disease.

ICON Interventional Systems, a new ATDC member company, is an emerging medical device company providing cardiovascular solutions to doctors and patients around the world.  The company is located in the ATDC Bioscience Incubator in the Ford Environmental Science & Technology building on the Georgia Tech campus. 

Stay on the lookout for ICON – this company has great potential to help a great number of people.

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