November 30, 1999 in ATDC News

Featured Speaker: Tycho Howle

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Tycho Howle, founder of nuBridges and Harbinger, discussed values-based entrepreneurship during a recent ATDC Brown Bag lunch. A Georgia Technology Hall of Famer, Tycho shared some of his experiences and lessons learned over his award-winning career. He touched on important questions for managers and leaders, including:

  • Why should we focus on values-based entrepreneurship? 
  • Why is it now a significant part of MBA curriculums and business literature?
  • Aren’t values formed long before you get to college or business school? 

Tycho ran ATDC entrepreneurs through three provocative case studies that presented ethical dilemmas.  He also shared his story of founding and growing Harbinger and a few key tips on entrepreneurial leadership, such as:

  • Recruit smart people and foster environment that helps smart people get smarter
  • Live by what he calls “the golden rule of management – to manage in the same way you would want to be managed if the situation was reversed” 
  • Find other people who want to see you be successful – they will invaluable to you and your business
  • Make sure you create a sustainable pace for yourself – it took me 17 years to hit my 5 year plan

You can watch the video here (requires you download the Tegrity plugin) and read the cases here.

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