November 30, 1999 in SBIR/STTR News

Electronic Submission … it’s no longer new!

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If you are new, or returning to the grant submission world, you may be surprised to know that many applications are now accepted electronically. 

Electronic submission requires registration of your company and submitting members with a variety of websites.  These websites validate your company’s existence, provide an electronic signature as well as many other services.  For some agencies the application is submitted through an agency specific website.  For others, an application package is downloaded, filled out and submitted through an intermediary website that validates the documents. 

Either way, registration with these websites is required.

The rules and requirements for electronic registration may be
ambiguous, ill-defined or simply unclear to you.  No matter.  Proper
registration is still required.  Previously, the agencies accepted the "cyberspace ate my application" excuse.  Those days are over.

Electronic submission is no longer new! Plan accordingly and complete these administrative tasks before writing your grant.

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