November 30, 1999 in SBIR/STTR News

DOE adds more funds for SBIR/STTR

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The Department of Energy (DOE) has added $37 million to the pot for SBIR/STTR Awards ($8.5 million for Phase I awards). This is in addition to the $9 million already allocated to the SBIR/STTR Phase I awards. Thanks the Recovery Act, these additional funds will be awarded to technologies that improve energy efficiency. Topics include:

·     Advanced building air conditioning and refrigeration, thermal load shifting, and cool roofs

·     Water usage in electric power generation and industrial processes

·     Power plant cooling

·     Advanced gas turbines and materials

·     Sensors, controls, and wireless networks

·     Advanced water power technology development

·     Smart controllers for smart grid applications

·     Advanced solar technologies

·     Advanced industrial technologies development

·     Advanced manufacturing processes

The deadline is still September 4th, so it will be VERY tight if you were not already planning on submitting (writing a quality proposal and registering for submission CAN take several weeks for first-time submitters).  If you are submitting, these funds will allow an increased chance of funding.

Phase I awards are up to $150,000 for a  period of six months to demonstrate the feasibility of the ideas that appear to have commercial potential. Read the DOE’s SBIR/STTR solicitation for proposal and submission instructions.

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