November 30, 1999 in News from Our Companies

Damballa Raises $6 Million

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In a Reg D filling ATDC member company Damballa disclosed that they have recently raised a $6 million series B round.  The investment was led by InterWest and included follow on participation from Noro-Moseley and Sigma.

While the round closed some time ago, Damballa, and thus ATDC as its partner, did not promote this achievement.  Damballa is in serious stealth mode and one of the keys to their ongoing success is staying that way.

Damballa is an early growth stage Internet security company which has developed a method of identifying and tracking the formation of botnets (a group of PCs infected and controlled by hackers called botmasters that are used for committing criminal activities like spam, phishing and fraud).  Botmasters are the bad guys.  They will do whatever it takes to achieve their means.  Knowing things about the good guys (Damballa) might help them to defeat the methods that Damballa  has devised to find them.  That is all I will say about that.

Damballa is attacking a huge problem.  Seven out of the ten of you that are reading this have a computer that has been infected with a bot.  Damballa is bringing in the people to scale their business and to continually improve their product.

While I would like to say that you are going to be hearing lots of great things about them in the future, I can not.  What I will tell you is that they will be doing things that you may not ever hear about or know.

Just like that little bot on your PC.

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