November 30, 1999 in News from Our Companies

Battling Bots

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Damballa, Inc. is the latest in a recent surge of companies to join ATDC.

Damballa monitors the Internet fabric to pinpoint BotArmy formation and rallying activity. Born out of pioneering research from the Georgia Tech Information Security Center, Damballa is the most effective means of directly addressing the bot compromise dilemma.

Damballa’s approach focuses on BotArmy communications and rallying behavior. Traditional security products are signature-based and LAN focused and thus are ineffective against BotArmies that continuously morph their own code and distribute their activities across multiple LANs. It is the constancy of the command and control systems that transforms a collection of compromised hosts into a BotArmy. Damballa provides unrivalled security to Global 1000 clients and OEM partners by delivering actionable, real-time intelligence to address the BotArmy threat.

Interesting company addressing an important and interesting problem.

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