November 30, 1999 in Uncategorized

ATDC Dot Org Redesign

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Earlier this week we quietly unveiled a redesign of the ATDC web site.  The redesign was first announced on twitter, and now here on PeachSeedz.  Tomorrow at the Entrepreneurs Showcase it will be formally launched.

We had several goals when redesigning the site:

  1. Clearly explain our positioning and value proposition;
  2. Provide more information on our companies;
  3. Make the site more current and relevant;
  4. Provide mechanisms for the various groups interested in ATDC to get involved;
  5. Delineate the services that we offer;
  6. Integrate PeachSeedz;
  7. And create a similar look and feel between PeachSeedz and the site.

At a higher level the aim was to make the site the online version of ATDC itself, the hub of entrepreneurial startup activity in Georgia.  For the most part I think we succeeded.  But you are the ultimate judge.  Give it a whirl.   Your comments and feedback on how we can improve are most welcome.

Kudos to our graduate assistant Blake Perdue for bringing the site to life.

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