November 30, 1999 in ATDC News

Angels in Atlanta

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The good folks over at StartupLounge recently had Sig Mosley and Charlie Paparelli,
two of the cornerstones of Atlanta angel investing on the show.  One
(and there are many others) of my key takeaways from the chatter that
has been happening over the past week or so, is that there is an
opportunity to increase the knowledge that entrepreneurs have about the
fund raising process.  A good place to start is to listen to this podcast.  Money quote:

spend very little time looking at the numbers.  I don’t believe any
numbers that any entrepreneur puts in front of me. I am an accountant,
you just tell me what you want the numbers to be and I will make them
that way."
  Sig Mosley

While listening to angels
being interviewed is great, the best way to learn about the angel
investing process is to go talk with some angels.  You can do that at
the CapitalLounge
events, the next one quickly approaching on August 27.  And rumor has
it that Michael and Scott are going to announce an exciting new program
that will enable entrepreneurs to get their business in front of a lot
of angels.

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