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Acronym Soup – I

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Imlay Investments – the most active angel fund in Atlanta.  Heard of Sig Mosely?  If not, you haven’t shopped for money yet.  John Imlay was CEO of MSA and is the “grandfather” of the tech industry in Atlanta.  MSA groomed over 30 technology CEOs and now John is giving back to Atlanta with his angel fund that has helped numerous entrepreneurs over the years.  Sig runs the fund and sees every deal in Atlanta.  Make sure he sees yours.

ISO – Incentive Stock Options – Stock options usually come in two flavors, ISO or Non-qualified.  ISOs are a type of stock option that has favorable tax implications for employees.  They are not taxed when they exercised.  Instead they are taxed over a year later as long-term capital gains (a lower tax rate).  There is a lot of fine print on these types of stock options so make sure you consult your attorney.

IPO – Initial Public Offering – I probably don’t need to explain this one.  This is usually the ultimate grand prize for entrepreneurs although it is rarely achieved.  I have seen many more entrepreneurs get rich by selling their companies rather than going public.  Also, being a public company is not fun anymore.

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