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Acronym Soup – C

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CEO Council – The Atlanta CEO Council is a high power group with the best networking events in Atlanta.  They are selective in who gets invited, but try to get on the list.

Competition – everyone has competition.  Don’t make the rookie mistake of saying you don’t.  It could be direct competitors, substitutes for your product/service, or the “do nothing” alternative where your customer decides to spend their money on something else instead.

Choking On Your Own Exhaust – (aka “drinking your own kool-aid”, “sniffin your own smoke”, or “believing your own BS”) is the dangerous practice of confusing your own stories, spin, and opinions with fact or reality.

Crossing the Chasm – The Bible of high tech marketing written by Geoffrey Moore.  A must read.  It teaches you how to launch a high tech company by focusing your market and knowing your value proposition to that market.  Read it with a highlighter in one hand.

Cap Table – (aka Capitalization Table) – This is the list of shareholders for your company and what percentage of your company they own.  Investors like to see “clean” cap tables.  This means that there are fewer owners with no complicated option or warrant deals.  This makes it easier for investors to get shareholder approval when needed.

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