November 30, 1999 in Uncategorized

Acronym Soup – K

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Kathy Harris – Partner at Noro-Moseley.  Kathy is active in the tech community and is a great person to get to know if you want to pitch to Noro.  She handles a lot of the startup investments for them.  If get out to a few networking events, you will surely meet her.

Kinetic Ventures – Atlanta firm that has been investing in energy startups before it was cool.  Nelson Chu is the guy to meet.  He is active in the community and super sharp.  He always gives valuable advice to entrepreneurs.  They invest in telecom, energy, and IT companies.  

Key person insurance – heard of the "hit by a bus test?"  What would happen if your key technologist was hit by a bus?  Would your company tank?  Many startups have one or two key people that are so instrumental to the success of the company that investors require that you purchase "Key Person Insurance" to protect against this.

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