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Acronym Soup – H

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HIG Ventures – Atlanta Venture fund with over $550 million in dedicated venture capital under management. The firm invests nationally in early, mid and growth-stage information technology, life science and service businesses.

H Visa – H visas are visas for foreign college degree or equivalent workers that want to work in the US.  The H visa allows someone to work in America for 3 years. If your startup is planning on attracting foreign talent, you should learn about all these rules, regulations, fees, tips, and tricks. For more info, see our previous post on Visas.

Hockey Stick – the image that your financial charts portray.  Most startup financial charts look like a hockey stick, moderate revenue growth for a few years and then exponential growth.  Most investors expect to see this, but they still laugh at it because theses projections are all absurdly optimistic

Haircut – typically used to describe a down round.  When you have to raise money at a lower valuation then your previous round, your previous investors will be "taking a haircut".  Basically an unrealized financial loss.  We see a lot of early investors and family members get "haircuts" because the entrepreneur sets unrealistic valuations during early financing.  These valuations are corrected when professional investors get involved and lots of people end up with buzz cuts.

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