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Your Elevator Pitch

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A hypothetical situation: You find yourself in an elevator with an investor.  Can you describe your company in a clear and compelling way by the time the elevator reaches the office on the 55th floor?  If not you need to get to work on your elevator pitch.

Your goal with an elevator pitch is to get someone intrigued enough in your company within 30 to 60 seconds so that they ask for more information and the discussion continues. A well-rehearsed elevator pitch can be an effective tool that is usually used in informal, unplanned situations – much like the elevator scenario or a networking event.  The verbal overview of your company must be short, clear, and consise and you need to be able to edit it on the fly based on the current audience. It can take time and effort to put a short, powerful statement together and it is important to spend the time and practice the pitch often. 

As a part of our library, the ATDC has compiled best practices for creating and using an elevator pitch.  Check it out to learn more about what to include in your pitch and tips for delivery.  There are even investor-approved examples to offer some guidance. Don’t get on an elevator again without it!

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